How to Sleep Better?

how to sleep better

It’s hard not to roll your eyes when your mother reminds you, a full-grown adult, to get 8 hours of sleep. Between work, your personal life, and your social obligations, sleep isn’t always the first priority on your mind. Part of the problem is that we measure our sleep with time, rather than quality. Passing out on the couch[…]

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How Often Should I Change My Pillow?

how often should i change my pillow

Pillows are in contact with your body for nearly 3000 hours per year. While even the fanciest pillows will last for many years, at some point you will need to replace them. If a pillow is improperly cared for, the expected life can easily be cut in half. In this article, I’m going to go over why you[…]

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Which Sleep Position is the Best?

sleep positions

In many of my pillow reviews, I discuss the health implications of different sleeping positions. Several people have asked me what the best sleeping position is. If you google this, there seems to be many conflicting opinions. Some say you should sleep only on your back. Others say you should sleep on your side, with a proper pillow.[…]

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